When I look through the file system on the USB from my mac I can’t see the file structure I see when at the prompt in arch. Submit a new text post. Sorry that I am unable to help you more, but I would recommend checking here github. I’m dual booting Windows 10 alongside my new OS. This was empty – I suppose there is no blacklisting. Please remove this section when resolved.

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How to install bfirmware | Antergos Community Forum

I have downloaded the bfirmware package, however as I don’t have wired connection I had to boot into OS X and get it that way. This should be on Wiki. Broadcom 43xx driver loaded [ Features: Wireless network configuration archlinux wiki.

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Not on the forum. I would run lsmod to see if the modules are already running. So how do I accomplish this last step to this journey?


I am not exactly sure how to do it. Personal tools Create account Log in. When I look through the file system on the USB from my mac I can’t see the file structure I see when at the prompt in arch.

Broadcom wireless

It should be blackisted if using a b43 driver. Doesn’t the broadcom-wl-dkms variant work for your wireless card? Email Required, but never shown. No such file or directory.

This page was last modified on 11 Januaryat I love how poetic this reply is besides from being very logical, I wonder if I’ll ever reach such poetic acuity to juggle with words about Arch Linux. I prefer this method because the package manager pacman will be aware of the installation, and you can remove it with sudo pacman -R bfirmware. Either itll burn down your system or power it up, either way it might help you later on, as more of the mists of endless archspace will be revealed.

My experience with the wiki is its being exact in most cases, but there is always this strange hardware blackhole, where you put in all drivers and out comes a stream of hot stuff you didnt even know it might exist. How do I point Arch to the bfirmware? Hope this helps people that have the same problem as me! BTW, this laptop’s model is a Dell Vostrofor those interested. Is it worth trying? In this case it is not actually compiling anything, just downloading and installing the firmware.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Open a terminal 2. This is a restrictively licensed driver and it does not work with hidden ESSIDs, but Broadcom promised to work towards a more open approach in the future. It was an issue in mkinitcpio.

Here are 2 ways to install the firmware. I have a netbook with a bcm, I just installed Arch a week ago and Im using bfirmware-classic without any issues. I’m dual booting Windows 10 alongside my new OS.

To disable those messages, increase the loglevel of printk messages that get through to the console – see Silent boot sysctl.