On a more serio Considering the cards will cost from 79 USD up to USD it is hard to imagine that the performance would be anything but mediocre. Below is a complete list of the new graphic cards and the availability. The idle measurements were taken at the Windows desktop, and cards were tested under load running a loop of 3DMark05’s “Firefly Forest” test at x resolution. Dynamic Branching is among others IF- and ELSE-statements in a shader, with the help of branching you can write considerably more complex shaders and at the same time increase efficiency.

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RV, for example, has two internal bit buses instead. The X was based on the R core and was sold as an ultra-low-budget part. ATi really wants to show that the graphic cards it has launched are something completely new compared to what you can find on the market today and we have reached a rather interesting situation since ATi has been having trouble with the Rarchitecture. We also have mentioned in our 8.

Finally, there’s the Radeon X XT. ATi has answered to most of the things nVidia has introduced earlier atu even surpass them agi. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.

Graphics Previous page Next page. The Radeon X video cards, that included a R, were released with a delay of several months because ATI engineers discovered a bug within the GPU in a very late stage of the development. Retrieved 7 December The event held by ATi on September 30th to October3rd in Ibiza as an odd one, not only the place but the content as well.

X can handle up to threads and then you should keep in mind that each thread can apply up to six shader instructions to up to four pixels.


X was quickly replaced by X because of its delayed release. While it is nearing the end of March and there hasn’t yet been a driver release this month, you can thus anticipate a aati 8. ATi has earlier said it is hard to reach a high level of efficiency with dynamic branching, but apparently it seems it has been able to surpass the earlier problems. Times have been tough and especially the last six months as nVidia launched its GeForce series.

ATI may need to put a beefier cooler on this one in order to keep fan speeds in check. The memory channels for each hip. ATI opted to fit the cards with either MiB or MiB on-board memory foreseeing a future of ever growing demands on local memory size.

ATI’s Radeon X series GPUs – The Tech Report – Page 4

Exactly how well X XT and the other cards overclock will be answered in our follow up article. ATi has with the launch of the R5xx-architecture chosen to alter the number of shader processors between the different series, while the models within the series has pretty much the same.

Dynamic Branching is among others IF- and ELSE-statements in a shader, with the help of branching you can write considerably more complex shaders and at the same time increase efficiency. Other improvements include x texture support and ATI’s 3Dc normal map compression sees an improvement in compression ratio for more specific situations.

ATi X1000 preview

Now it is time for a closer look at the heart of the R5xx-architecture and what ATi has been working with the past year. As is typical for an X1000 video card release, a selection of real-time 3D demonstration programs were released at launch. The primary change between R and R is that ATI changed the pixel shader processor to texture processor ratio.


ATi has also increased the flexibility of the programming which makes it easier to fine adjust the controllers depending on the purpose.

This refers to ATI’s plan to boost the efficiency of their GPU, instead of going with a brute force increase in the number of processing units. The X cards have 3 pixel shaders on each pipeline instead of 1, giving a total of 48 pixel shader units.

Basically the chip can spread out memory requests faster and more directly to the RAM chips.

Category:ATI Radeon X series video cards – Wikimedia Commons

With a new Quality Mode you can now turn off the optimization that ATi has been using since the first Radeon-card. Before we move on with the Xseries we will walk you through what has happened up until the launch and the announcement of the R5xx-architecture. Doom 3 was a very demanding game when it was launched about a year ago and is still one of the toughest games to run even for the fastest graphic cards of today.

ATi has just caught up to nVidia more or less instead of surpassing them. But the two cards ATi will launch in the Xseries is as follows. And not the least eliminates the bottle neck for high resolutions with Crossfire as Dual-link DVI-outputs offers considerably higher bandwidth.