In a recent press release, he says:. We apologize sincerely to our passengers for the inconvenience, but we firmly believe we need to take a stand now to protect the future of this service. What Translink should have done was to specify good labour relations as one of the requirements for a successful bidder on the contract. MVT was involved in an incident in Northampton, Massachusetts, that resulted in a passenger death due to a driver mistake. When HandyDART determines that a service area will be Essential Service Only, the automated phone calls will begin immediately for all passengers who have a booked ride in the area for that particular day.

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Over the next decades, HandyDart services expanded across the Lower Mainland and into some Interior and Island municipalities. The wheelchair lifts on HandyDART vehicles can accommodate devices that fit within the following measurements:. Many agree that it needs to be updated — TransLink is one of the few transit authorities that uses only paper-based applications — but the extent to which in-person interviews or functionality tests should be used is up for debate.

None of these incidents, union sources told me, inspire confidence that MVT is the right operator to deliver HandyDart services in the Lower Mainland, or that workers can expect a fair deal at the negotiating becoje. We handyadrt that the vast majority of passengers support us. Here’s where to buy your prepaid fares:. Driving all day in fair weather and foul, finding my way through every traffic snarl imaginable. I would engage passengers, many of them in physical and emotional pain, in conversations that could, sometimes without warning, plunge both of us into sadness.


They also want to cap our health benefits and cut them entirely for casuals, which would make it profitable for them to reduce full-time jobs.

The View from a HandyDart Driver’s Seat

Bedome home phone number is the default number called, but a cell phone is the preferred option when being picked up at locations other than your home. Sixty per cent of our members were previously in the Municipal Pension Plan, and 95 per cent would have been in by next spring. But I wasn’t one of those more fortunate ones. To avoid delays, please be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled pickup time.

Changes coming to HandyDART service | Vancouver Sun

Office workers and dispatchers worked valiantly to make an imperfect and patchworks system as effective as humanly possible. Yes, once a week. If the trip is scheduled to go to the SkyTrain or SeaBus, the customer will pay for a ticket beckme the ticket vending machine and does not pay the taxi driver.

Now, they should instruct MVT to get back to the bargaining table and withdraw their demands for takeaways. HandyDART will reduce the level of service delivery to Essential Service Only in all cases where passenger safety could be compromised by anticipated severe weather conditions.

HandyDART drivers are not expected to carry parcels. Reminder calls can be received on any local area phone number. MVT certainly began its management stint in the Lower Mainland professing good intentions and handdart hopes. Instead, they are trying to maximize their profit margin by taking away our pension plan.


We apologize sincerely to our passengers for the inconvenience, but we firmly believe we need to take a stand now to protect the future of this service. The reminder call system will make 3 attempts before it records the call as unsuccessful. Sometimes, there’s very short notice between the time of the call and the arrival of the bus.

HandyDART Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that customers provide their cell phone numbers for the reminder calls. If a customer needs extra assistance beyond the accessible outside door, an attendant is encouraged to travel with the customer.

To judge by most of the mainstream press coverage, the issues involved in the current labour dispute between HandyDart employees and their American based employer MVT Canada Bus are very simple.

What do you think will happen bedome ?

We ask that you ensure you only bring bags or parcels that you are comfortable carrying yourself; generally no more than bscome bags. An Imminent Arrival call can’t be made any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the booking window.

HandyDART Frequently Asked Questions

This was my job. This will allow for other trips to be scheduled in place of the cancelled ride.

HandyDART is a door-to-door, shared ride service for passengers with physical or cognitive disabilities who are unable to use conventional public transit without assistance. Transportation Surveys Accountability Centre.