Some people seem to complain that Dewalt tools are just over-priced Porter Cable tools. The bit in the drill spins straight in several other drills. This Titan set really is the perfect and remarkably cheap companion to the PSA. It is easy to handle as it is light, yet powerful, and the trigger is large. I returned the drill not sure if I wanted to give Dewalt another shot. Do not place the battery with conductor such as key, coins etc to avoid short circuit. Made of M3 steel for exceptional durability, and featuring a generously sized bi-metal section, the D from DEWALT makes accurate cuts quickly and efficiently

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For Black Decker That being said, my major problem is not with the smell.

Best Buy Black & Decker VPXX Li-Ion Volt VPX Drill Driver – bavsgaga

I love the nosecone. Made of M3 steel for exceptional durability, and featuring a generously sized bi-metal section, the D from DEWALT makes accurate cuts quickly and efficiently When I’m spending this much money on something, I expect quality. I’m also hoping that I don’t get the dreaded “wobbly chuck” problem that others have mentioned with the new drill I used it to cut holes in the back of bookcases to place stereo equipment on and for lighting cords.


See all 5 customer reviews I don’t gush unless it’s very special but this tool is super special. Its is a decision I do not regret.

I didn’t experience any discernible wobble problems. It’s really hardly noticeable and the spade bit with extension still drilled a clean hole dceker drywall. My Makita shows of people found the following review helpful. Both the drill and the impact driver smelled like they were burning. It isn’t an impact driver drill, which makes is slightly less powerful.

They could definitely improve upon that with a booklet and a larger font. Come with a day money back and a month limited seller’s guarantee against manufacturer defects from date of purchase, and 24 hours’ friendly customer service! I only have one real complaint with this drill, and it’s a show stopper. More than one year Guarantee,we will give instrcuction for how to use our products. This drill exceeded my expectations greatly.

It had been resealed and the case was fairly scratched up. I already own and love its main competitor, Milwaukee’s 12v driver so I decided to do a quick side-by-side comparison. All that said, this Bosch has impressed me from the start.

Cheap Kawasaki 21.6 volt Cordless Drill Driver 2 batt

Far superior than the Makita or the heavy and clunky Milwaukee screwguns. I drill with 55 size bits and all my other drills were so heavy I’d break a bit every 7th or 8th hole.


I tighten the chuck by spinning the drill and holding it and when it is close to snug I hand tighten it. I did some checks with other long bits to make sure, and it’s definitely the drill. This is not an impact vpx1212c which seem to be very popular, but I don’t need that feature and, can do with out the additional NOISE those drilo make. Delivered fast and used it almost immediately.

dewalt drill bit set

Sorry for the shadows. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate.

The only thing I’d comment negatively about is that stupid little super-brite LED they put on the drill. Not a big issue, however, as the tool is very simple. Anyone who tries to cut holes in wood with a bi-metal hole saw and expects great results is misguided.

I’m not going to change my 3 star rating yet, but if this one comes back with the same chuck wobble or any decmer issues, I will The shorter body allows me to work in tighter areas.