When providing arguments for SQL functions, there are two kinds of parameters you can use, literal arguments and bound parameters. The server host database: There are a few ways of doing this: The query builder can be accessed by getting a new instance of a query: I was having trouble with returning PDO query results in arrays, due to the structure of the results of those queries query array with arrays for results inside.

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I just saw your edit about wanting to run a transaction.

cakepnp Another way is using mysqlnd, but it seems I had to recompile PHP for that. As you can see you can use any operator by placing it with a space after the field name.

Creates a persistent connection host: If you want to run a manual query without using Cake’s built-in model query methods and relationships, you can do this:. If you want to fetch rows as an object cakepphp which you have not defined a class, you can do: Example 1 Fetch all remaining rows in a result set. Returns the indicated 0-indexed column.

Post as a guest Name. Updating can be done using the update function in the connection object. The same applies for getDataSource – they are both methods of the Model class.


The way of fetching results were changed from while loop into a foreach loop.


You can just use query, but the reasons you give for wanting to access the Cakrphp object are basically false the question to ask should be “how do the equivalent of this sql with CakePHP? Please add an example of what you’re doing to the question – i. Sign up using Email and Password. In this way works fine: Drivers can also be specified by passing a class name.

Sign up using Facebook. But there is a simple way to use while loop to fetch the results. Description public array PDOStatement:: Pro creating a connection, you can immediately interact with the database.

How to make PDO queries in cakePHP? – Stack Overflow

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It lets you work with complex PHP objects or structures that can be passed as query conditions or to be inserted in the database. If you are trying to call PDOStatement:: The default types that caksphp understood by this library and can be passed to the bind function or to execute are:. If you’re using something like: This gives us an array looking like this: The server host database: Using this method to fetch large result sets will result in a heavy demand on system and possibly network resources.


Why do you want direct access to the PDO object to do that bad horsie! In that case, include all the connection details directly in the options array:.


The array contains three keys: You can choose either to use the shorthand methods executeinsertupdatedelete or use the newQuery for using a query builder. Accessing the Datasource You can access the model’s data source using Model:: Statements can be pro by binding new values to the parameters in the query: Transactions I just saw your edit about wanting to run a transaction.

If you would like to get the result as “key-value-pairs”, like: