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Pinnacle Systems DVTools software is a complete capture and device control palette, separate from the Adobe interface. Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and plys up artistic options in the field.

There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot. In the software bundle, Pinnacle includes Adobe Premiere 6.

Pinnacle DV500 PLUS Video Capture Board and Editing Software Review

Adding some standard Premiere transitions and several of the elaborate but less-useful effects from the included db500, we found that the DV PLUS handled two-stream real-time playback with ease. Please enter your comment!

In particular, the audio mixer functions worked smoothly. Real-time image correction for saturation, contrast and brightness changes. With an NTSC preview function, TitleDeko makes quick work of adding titles without having to go back and forth to tweak placement and to check for color compatibility with on-screen content. It was necessary, however, to change the overlay mode to Primary Surface in order to get on-screen video onto our computer monitor.


With the arrival of Premiere 6. Alpha Magic FX is a group of gradient effects for non-traditional transitions that can be very effective and useful in enhancing creativity.

It should be noted that we used a test machine that had nothing but system software loaded onto it prior to the DV PLUS installation. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

A fine group of software products comes piggy-backed onto DV PLUS, enhancing the product and offering a wide range of output options. Apply real-time transitions, titles and filters along with powerful 3D effects. We were very impressed with the amount of input and output setting controls and the ease with which the setting windows were located.

DV PLUS is ideal for the budget-minded prosumer who wants plks real-time hardware solution that offers new features and full integration into Adobe Premiere 6.

Canon expected to release at least one more generation of DSLRs. It plays effects, titles and filters instantly with no rendering. You have entered an incorrect email address! In this segment, we Pinnacle has always been at the forefront of affordable, real-time digital video in this new age of PC editing. DV Plus is a real time, native DV video editing solution.

Pinnacle DV500 Plus – video capture adapter – PCI

Using four tracks of audio with natural sound, voiceover and stereo music, we volume-adjusted tracks individually and ganged them together in groups with no ppus at all. TitleDeko RT real-time titles superimposed over video, title preview with real-time video output and compose in context. DV Tools automated DV clips scene detection for logging and batch capture. The DV device control navigated us to dv50 head of the clip and let us set in- and out-times.


SmartSound Quicktracks, a family of audio software products that allows video editors, multimedia authors, web site creators and business presenters to create soul-stirring soundtracks in minutes instead of hours. Please enter your name here. TitleDeko RT to monitor titles with real-time video output and compose in context.

Pinnacle DV DVD/DV Plus a Beta (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Putting five static titles over the sequence, we began to see render indicators but these renders some fairly complex with pls over transitions chugged along and finished in less than a minute. After scanning, the identified clips become poster frames in the Tape Gallery.

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