The LP and LP are low cost, desktop direct thermal printers. When power is first ap- plied with labels loaded, tapping the FEED Control will cause the paper to advance to the top of the next label. Operation Step Open the Print Carriage. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Small Footprint KB Memory Standard See-through Sensor for die-cut labels and tags AutoSense – automatic label sensor adjustment Rear feed slot for fan-fold or over-sized stock Easy to load label and ribbon path Easy to use EPL-2 anguage Batch print mode – Printing one or more labels with the labels left on the backing paper Text, graphics, and bar codes can be printed in four directions Line and box drawing Label back feed for maximum label usage Diagnostics and configuration print out ASCII dump User friendly label design software: Fold it over the end of the leader and press in place.

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Page 27 Operation Step Loosen the tape that secures the leader on the new transfer ribbon. Placing this switch in the ON 1 position will apply power to the printer. Got it, continue to print. Appendix C The Windows printer driver provides control of several printer features when printing from Using Hlp Windows software applications.

This action is referred to as a Form Feed. Step Perform steps of the Loading Labels proce- dure.

Eltron LP2642 User Manual

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Operation Step Close the print carriage and press down firmly at both arrows to lock. Insufficient memory for label size. Step Install an empty roll onto the front take-up rib- bon spool.


Fold it over the end of the leader and press in place. Refer to Section 2 – Operation, for information on loading labels and using your printer. Page 31 Operation Step Tap the feed tp until the ribbon advances to the black area. Page 30 Operation Step Close the print carriage and press down firmly at both arrows to lock.

Eltron International also provides a variety of information and user support services: While every effort has been made to keep the information contained within current and accurate as of the date of publication, no guarantee is given or implied that the document is error-free or that it is ac- curate with regard to any specification.

Eltron LP/TLP Printer Specifications

LpTlpTlp Step Open the print carriage. Page 20 Operation Step Turn the green wheel to adjust the Label Guides to match the width of the roll.

For higher resolution fonts, graphics and bar codes, the Series printers offer you standard dpi resolution. Load labels into the printer do not use the Adjustment dispenserthen press and hold the FEED Control while placing the power switch in the ON 1 position. Operation Step Tap the feed control until the ribbon advances to the black area. If print looks Print Density faded when printing at high speed, select a higher darkness number for the Print Quality setting.


Operation Step Loosen the tape that secures the elgron on the new transfer ribbon. Copyright Notice Eltron International Incorporated and may not be duplicated in full or in part by any person without written approval from Eltron. For the name of an Eltron dealer in your area, call: Perform the AutoSense gap sensor adjust- ment.

The tape will be used to attach the leader to the take-up roll. Operation Replacing the The printer contains memory for storage of op- Printer Memory erating parameters, forms, graphics and soft fonts.

TLP 3842 Desktop Printer Support

Gap Sensing and Black Line Sensing. ON 1 Rev.

Page 8 Installation Installation The following steps will guide you through the installation of the printer and software. Top Of Form Sensing Operation Top Of Form To accommodate different size media, your Sensing printer is equipped with a sensor capable of de- tecting the top of each label or tag.

Loading Labels Or Tags Operation Loading Labels Your printer can print on adhesive backed la- or Tags bels, non-adhesive tags or continuous non- adhesive paper. Thank you very much. The ribbon does not follow the same path as the labels.