DX kit mailing will be made in two padded envelopes to keep the value of each envelope low. This has been pretty much a case-by-case experience. You can always use Rocky to generate I and Q signals for tests requiring these audio signals this is the author’s preferred way. That number of kHz is half of the sound card’s sampling rate. For the more adventurous, there is a process using solder paste and an electric oven called the reflow process, which can be used to install all the SMT chips to one side of the PC Board. The sampling rate, quality and specs of the soundcard will determine whether and how well the PC can work signals whose frequency is either sode of the center frequency. That includes both tuning and processing of received signals.

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Another welcome change from the earlier models is that all connections to the outside world are handled via on-board jacks provided with the kit.

The band selection will hold for the duration of your “session” on the website and while in the Ensemble Eensemble portion. Being a UX guy enaemble typically doesn’t take me long to figure things out when it comes to software. Well worth the short viewing:. The beauty of SDR Software defined radio is all about the visuals. If the builder has access to a dual channel oscilloscope, along with an audio signal generator and an RF signal generator, and feels the need to perform tests beyond the basic DMM tests, certain stages will include in their testing section some optional tests involving this advanced equipment.

WB5RVZ – Home Page

On the up side, things still tested out and functioned properly. Inductance of the single winding usually the dxtx is 0. That may be one reason for a general lack of documentation. For the more adventurous, there is a rdtx using solder paste and an electric oven called the reflow process, which can be used to install all the SMT chips to one side of the PC Board. View the above in full-screen mode on Youtube.


If you’re on the fence about putting one of these kits together, I’d highly recommend it. External Connections Introduction General Congratulations! Once you have decided on your band choice, you can select the band by clicking on the “Bands” tab at the top of any page on the Ensemble RXTX website. Double signal transmitting PSK31 with the Softrock. Inductance of the single winding usually the primary is 4.

This combination represents the best quality software and hardware interface between the computer and the Ensemble RXTX. The software really is easy to navigate.

In fact, the kit can also receive any HF signals within the installed “super-band”. The output of the local oscillator is fed to the dividers stagewhere the signal is divided by 4, yielding two signals which are identical except that they are 90 degrees out of phase with each other – i.

Each stage will have a “Testing” Section, outlining one or more tests that, when successfully completed, provide you with the confidence and assurance that you are heading enesmble the right direction towards a fully tested and built transceiver. I’ve been able to pick up my own transmissions on another receiver.

SoftRock RXTX Ensemble Transceiver Kit

Soldering deficiencies account for 80 percent of the problems surfaced in troubleshooting. Depending upon the option you have chosen to build and how you wish to operate within that built option, you may need to provide additional low-pass filtering between the transceiver and the antenna.


Using a total of 6 inches of 30 wire, wind 3 turnsbifilar, on the ferrite in the same direction as the primary winding. This stage will deliver approximately one watt of output into a 50 ohm load. Double signal transmitting JT65 with the Softrock.

Using approximately 6 inches of 30 wire, wind 3 turnsbifilar, on a BN ferrite. Little did I know, the software setup for this board rnsemble be one of the most difficult software setups I’ve ever encountered.

The kit is offered with all of the parts necessary to build it for any one of the five possible versions. If you are not experienced at soldering and even if you are somewhat experienced at solderingrefer to excellent tutorial on basic soldering techniques by Tom Hammond N0SS SK. HDSDR displaying 80 meters.

You have successfully built and unit tested your Ensemble SDR transceiver for the chosen “super-band”. These documents contain band-specific Bill of Materials listings for each version in addition to the Bill of Materials for the parts of the radio that are not band-specific.

To listen in on a single transmission, simply click where you want to listen. Another – and a very nice one at that – is the enclosure offered by Tom KM5H on his website.