However, if you’re buying this exclusively for use with Forza , we’re still not sold. They are both very accurate systems for metering out brake, throttle and clutch movement. The CSP simply provides a more immersive entertainment experience than the G By providing a more detailed feel for grip levels on the track and better braking function, it seems easier to turn more consistent lap times with the PWTS, which will make you faster over the course of a long endurance or oval race. The full complement of Xbox buttons are available, even a four-way D-pad that’s so well integrated into the bottom spoke of the wheel it took us a few moments to find it. When powered on, lights behind the controls appear depending on what mode the wheel is in, illuminating identifiers for each so that you won’t have to similarly hunt for the various face and shoulder buttons for either the or the PS3. Attachable lap wings and the attachment of the gear sticks to the wheel allow comfortable game play in the living room without the use of a table Illuminated button symbols switch automatically between PC and Playstation Powerful Mabuchi RS Motor as used in RC cars delivers extra strong ForceFeedback effects Additional 2 Force Feedback actuators in the wheel simulate motor vibrations Extra smooth and silent belt drive without mechanical dead zone High resolution wheel sensor TUNING functions with LED display Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups Adjust ForceFeedback strength during game play Adjust sensitivity independent from the game.

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You can barely feel things like rumble strips and contact with competitors, and though things go light when your front tires lose grip and you’re about to understeer into the guardrail, the overall experience just isn’t immersive.

It has taken some time for it to reach retail, but Fanatec wanted to make sure that the look and feel of the steering wheel to be perfect. This site uses cookies for analytics and personalized content. That’s partly because because the wheel is actually bolted to the frame of the thing; good for those who tend to get a little over-eager with their steering, a little less-so for anyone who doesn’t want to use the stand all the time.


By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Only these Fanatec wheels are officially supported: The game is as hardcore a console racer as there is, lacking only a serious wheel to match, and it’s hard not to feel disappointed with what we have here. But, since it all folds up easily enough, removal shouldn’t be necessary.

Saturday, September 23, 3: The pedals have a cheap feel to them but they do the job. This is no promotion, just a user review!!! An optional RF receiver enables wireless communication with the PS3 and PC, too, and interestingly the pedals can also be used wirelessly if some batteries are slotted in, resulting in a far neater setup than the Cthulhu-like G27 and its nightmare-inducing tangle of cables.

I haven’t updated on the latest driver yet. Design The wheel isn’t new, announced well over a year ago porscue shipping in limited numbers about this time last year. I was thinking about writing a review in detail, since I use this device, turbbo wasn’t sure if this is allowed. Force Feedback in G25 mode with my wheel is a joke. Do you have a Game Shop? In the end, I paid nearly double for the Fanatec, but now have a tri-platform controller, the only belt-driven Fahatec wheel, my preferred sequential shifter, and a load-cell brake pedal system.

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Pricing.

Combine that with its flawless mechanics that contribute to a great driving experience, and pair it up with the Rennsport Wheel Stand, the Turbo S eliminates any excuse for using cheaper console wheels.

Owners can invert all or just the pedals they prefer to better fit their driving style Ability to easily remove pedals from base and install in cockpits or stands. The force-feedback in the wheel, however, doesn’t impress in Forza. It’s an improvement over the standard controller for sure and we quickly started putting in fast lap times, but using it doesn’t give the intense experience of using the relatively highly-powered G25 or G27 in Gran Turismo 5.


This makes it easy to swap from the six-speed to the sequential, but neither mounted very securely, moving about quite a bit as we rowed our way down the front straight at the Nurburgring.

Side-by-Side Racing: Logitech G27 vs. the Fanatec’s Porsche Turbo S Review | SimHQ

We received a note from the manufacturer rather belatedly indicating fanatef both the wheels we received were pre-production units — despite their having been on sale for some time now and the second one coming in a full retail box. We appreciate that Fanatec is allowing gamers to piece together the system they want, ditching shifters or pedals if they don’t need them, but things start expensive and the overall price can quickly spiral out of control if you’re not careful with the options.

The wheel itself wasn’t so lucky, though.

Each box contains everything you need: As it swings from side to side it barely makes a sound, its motorized internals impressively quiet and, as far as we can tell, offering no dead zone in fanated middle. Very solid construction fanatecc on the design of the CSR Elite Pedals Extra long pedals for more realism and comfort All 3 pedals can be moved horizontally to adjust the position between the pedals Also able to adjust spring tension and pedal angle First pedal set to offer optional inversion kit.

Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel Pure Edition + CSR Pedals + Porsche Wheel Shifter Set

Experience Turn the wheel on by pushing the power button on the side a nice touch, tyrbo wheels are always on and it spins to life, self-calibrating while doing a little blinkenlight show. Fanatec Porsche Turbo S wheel. Neither wheel had a clear-cut in-game performance advantage over the other — in fact, the two wheels were in a virtual dead heat on the racetrack. Integrated nuts allow the strong fixation on a gaming cockpit For Playstation: I own the DriveHub since ffanatec release this fall