It will work with a range of input voltages while providing a stable current source. I plug the 15 degree lens to each Luxeon. If you have 3 LEDs in series, you will have 16 sets of 3 in series, and one set of 2 in series. Analog Layout Finger Size 3. Why I am getting this substrate picture, when i create a new workspace? Good as a flash light! But Horribly inefficient, now add 2 more Luxeons to the equation and you will wee that the LMT does not have to disipate nearly as much power!

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For 3 LEDs, the current will be 12 – 9.

Saya agak lupa ya… kayanya current dulu deh. That means that the LED in runaway can use almost all of that. Anyways to answer the question wether or not it will be able to handle 14V it really depends on the variety of the LM your purchase, the LMT shoudl be able to do it, Can’t rememebr the l317 V but I think it was like 30 at 1 amp or something Look it up if you need.

The 41 Luxeom Monster. The idea when using a simple resistor is to make sure you have enough voltage headroom, and to test the design on paper by letting the power line go to high line 15 percent higher and check the current flow. At 12 volts or higher the regulator has to dissipate quite a luxon of heat and will require a larger heatsink, though the LMT is rated for up to 37 volts and 1.


Rob, I see you’ve been having some fun today I would think there would be Less current going to each but hey too little current should not fry things and they were toasted!

Next, divide by the power dissipation 2. This will cause it to heat up, which causes the resistance to drop more.

Bad things can happen when you wire them in Parallel. I open up the lenses and feed the Luxeon with mA.

I’m not a super schematic guy, so let me know if it is wrong. Related to source pull simulation for rectifier 1.

where is low cutoff for simple LM or LUXEON circuit? | Electronics Forums

Lower values of resistor give only a marginal increase in illumination but make the LED run much hotter. This is an excellent LED. July 31, at One of these is excess voltage from static discharge, for example but most high-power LEDs are rather well protected in this regard.

Now for constant power source like your truck it lm137 be ok, but it would be better to run Multiple luxeons off 1 LM if your going to use a 14 V source.

The Luxeon on typical room lighting.

Do I need to worry about a “max” voltage I’m supplying? Because the only practical means of modulating most light sources is through intensity or “amplitude” modulation, these modulation schemes invariably the varying of the current through the LED to achieve the desired modulation.


All switches are turned on, means the current is rated at mA. I was planning to put 25 on one side and 25 on the other. I guess it can do voltage regulation also. Heat sinks, Part 2: The resistor I used is a 3 watt wirewound ceramic. Even a piece of angle aluminum works ok, attached with some thermal epoxy.

Luxeon 1 watt lighting system

You can measure Vf or make a conservative guessyou know that the voltage across the resistor is 1. For example, with my 5v and 5. If it does, how to design it? With this higher current, Px would have come out to 2. Sebaiknya download datasheet LMnya Pak agar yakin.

KA7OEI – Overcurrent protection for high-power LEDs

If you have two LEDs in parallel, the regulator will need to put out twice the current that either can handle, I. Then again, why won’t LED’s with differn’t Vf go into runaway when they are in series? To find the required thermal resistance, which we’ll call TR, we first take the thermal resistance of the TO package listed on the LM data sheet and subtract that from lixeon degrees C.