I could also clearly hear the space, or cushion of air, that surrounded individual instruments in, say, a string quartet or small jazz ensemble. We supposed if you already have a megabuck DAC, you might want to hang onto it, though you could sell it and buy one fo these, probably be just as happy and come out way ahead. A few weeks ago, I received an email from publisher James Darby. It bests my much-loved TeraDak Chameleon for detail and dynamics. Hmmmm might have to try the capacitor bypass and also change out the cheapo power supply capacitors!!

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Donning my Armchair Audiophile cap reveals: The difference was miniscule, at least with the CD that was playing. While there are literally millions of reverb types, let’s assume this is a simple, linear, 4 second smooth reverb that begins at the left and smoothly trails out to the right.

Think big, soft, billowy cumulus clouds; those are the Mini. Upon opening the box, I found inside a manual, power cord, DAC, and a couple of replacement fuses just in case.

I heard every intake of breath; the way he controlled the sound of his instrument.

Eastern Electric Minimax Dac discrete opamp upgrade by Philippe G.

All are still chocolate, but with slight variations on the theme, in things like texture and finish. We would like to Thank you for your support of Eastern Electric components over the years.

One of the Head-fier gets their hands on the latest V5 SS opamp and he modded his Minimax with it and this is his project: I always use a top-of-the-hill ,inimax power cable on DACs. After a look at the manual to be sure there were no surprises, I hooked up the new visitor to my secondary system and began the process of putting 50 or so hours of good burn-in on it. Now he lives in Berlin. There is no headphone jack, and a remote control option is not available at this time.


Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC (ESS) |

I expected a bigger difference than I heard. What surprised me most was the similarity between the two. Here, the tubed output stage employs a single 12au7 vacuum tube for gain. This is minimac a common sound to be reproduced!

Before dealing with the sonic attributes of the EE DAC, a few words about its overall construction, design, and appearance might be helpful. Specifically, the EE DAC threw the widest soundstage of the three, but also frequently projected instrumental images both in front of and behind the plane of my speakers.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

The Eastern Electric MiniMax is truly e x p a n s i v e of soundstage. With Sampling rates of 32bit,32KHz, We will continue to engineer the most musical and affordable audio components that are available today. We all know the flavor called chocolate, but we also all know that three premium brands will vary somewhat in the finer aspects of the experience associated with indulging in chocolate ice cream.

Well, I lobbed a Seimens in there things changed quite a bit from the Shuguang, but the difference between the solid state and tube minomax was still not night and day. All listening comparisons were done with Redbook files due to the limitations of the USB receiver chip mentioned earlier. Very fast, but minimsx more than that, it hangs on to notes as good or better than anything I’ve heard.


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Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod – Burson Audio

I expect that from vinyl playback; I never expected to hear it in my home on CD. In contrast, the Metric Halo specifically presented the soundstage more distantly, such that all of the performers appeared in space behind the speakers.

I have some very good DACs here, but none seem to have quite the level of refinement of the EE, and I’m finding that I need that in my system.

My notes reflect more anger at myself than comments upon the DAC! The year was John is the editor of Darko. It’s the first piece of gear that I have had in for review that has qualified These DACs wow with their sheer excitement and energy long enough to get it them out of the showroom and into the front room.