Yeah I stopped using it too a while ago and just went out and bought cheapt gamestop made controllers which is plug and play with pc. Download Ranking in PS3 Homebrew 2 of Doesn’t it send info to china because the people who made the driver are from china? I’m telling you this so you don’t have to do the same. Aug 10, 5, 0 0. Septimius Junior Member Jan 26, Apr 7, 2, 0 0 www.

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Kyoufu Member Jan 26, Sep 11, 11, 0 0. Yeah I stopped using it too a while ago and just went out and bought cheapt gamestop made controllers which is motionijnoy and play with pc.

MotioninJoy – Download

I used this a long time ago to play some fucking games for windows live game Anyway, I didn’t have any issues with it. Motionnjoy you are talking to China your machine has most likely been compromised.

Chesskid1 Banned Jan 26, I have been using MotioninJoy since 8 months now and can proudly say its a great application which always helps me to connect PST controller with my Windows Laptop.

Serious question, why is another recommendation necessary? I very rarely turn off my computer, so it took some time for me to piece together that every time I did, when I logged in after the reboot, Firefox would pop up with some site talking about learning Chinese online. Jun 25, 1, 0 0.


Anything else and it simply won’t install. Supports Windows 10 The latest update sxaxis MotioninJoy has also added a support to Windows 10 operating system.

Mar 11, 21, 0 0. I have been using it for years without any problems, I have beaten so many games using it that I have lost count. When I click motioninjog it doesn’t work at all for me. Cisce Member Jan 26, Same, I haven’t had it talk to China or throw chinese ads at me or anything like that. We have tested PS3 Sixaxis Driver 64bit 0. I looked at the traffic from the program, and I’ve found it’s talking to servers in China for reasons unknown to me I’m still trying to get rid off all the entangled mess of drivers, and lately I’ve been getting BSODs.


This isn’t an annoyance for everything, but for games like Just Cause 2 in Multiplayer, I can end up going in a completely different direction flying than I was originally was.

But I wish there was a less shitty alternative that emulated the pad in the same way. I’m just all in all very skeptical, and I’ll probably be formatting my computer.


I haven’t seen any ads or had any of this xixaxis to me. On the pages I’ve seen, I’ve found numerous people calling him out as a ” shitty indie developer “, ” the developer is, pure and simple–a complete asswipe ” and worse, and I’ve come to concur.

I didn’t have the problems you had, but I always hated the UI, it’s completely terrible. AlexBasch Member Motioninjoyy 26, Remove network connectivity and run scans in safe mode. Jul 25, 11, 0 0.

It never worked while it was installed and when I wanted to remove it I damn near couldn’t.

MotioninJoy – Download MotioninJoy Application For Free

Clever Pun Member Jan 26, Playstation Controller Driver for 64bit Windows 0. Is it just my controller or is it the driver? Jun 4, 4, 0 How much time is required to complete the installation procedure?

You can download the official MotioninJoy application from the download button mentioned below. And this guy does. Valve really needs to release their controller soon.