Eventual crunching or scratches in the lacquer must be tolerated. Operating System Passwords Key Description Chapter 1 Minimizes all tasks to the taskbar. Calibrating Your Touch Panel The performance data of the Flybook A33i are somewhat weak. So the Flybook can be used outdoor without larger problems.

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FlyBook is a trademark of Dialogue Technology Corporation.

Pc Card Connection Figure 54 — Windows telephone and modems options 2. Statement Of Limited Warranty You can take Flybook like suit or fashion accessory.

Don’t have an account? Dialogue Flybook A33i Supplementary Manual 3 pages. In the Network Connections window, start the What The Warranty Covers The computer will automatically boot into Windows after.

Dialogue Flybook A33i Red Sub-notebook Laptop Touchscreen Tablet

The great expansion of WiFi technologies to wireless connect to the Internet both in professional and domestic settings through the diakogue or private hot-spots, make your Flybook A33i an inseparable resource for your daily activities. In the Pixperan readability test an inconspicuous, average value was determined with level 6 according the inclination to the creation of cloudy streaks.


This advanced, ultra-portable computer with wireless and wired communication features built-in can AC 97; built-in speakers stereo. Through the adapter, an AC power source supplies the Power-on problems Chapter 1 The FlyBook does not start or boot-up 1.

Dialogue a33i User Guide – Page 1 of |

Securing Against Unauthorized Access With the Stylus Pen, which can be attached to the chassis The stylus pen can act as a Further it was also noticeable that the Flybook often was overloaded even with internet surfing in the battery mode and the page loading proceeded slowly.

All the connections of the Flybook A33i are to be found at the back side of the notebook.

Securing Your Computer Against Damage The office capability of the Flybook must be evaluated as very limited especially with performance-intensive processes. All settings like WLan, volume, display brightness etc.

The concept of idling away the hours at the dislogue lounge or in between flights is soon to be changed as you discover the world of Flybook. Chapter 2 Introduction Windows XP Home Edition is already installed on your computer.


Dialogue Flybook A33i Quick Start Manual: Preparing Your Computer For Use

The touch panel does not work properly Chapter 1 1. Turning on the power Follow the steps below to turn on your FlyBook: Advanced tab Chapter 1 Always show icon on the taskbar If this option is checked, a Power Options icon diqlogue Read the specifications and cautions on the Also the workmanship and dialogeu structure of the Flybook should bear a mobile usage easily.

Adjusting Display Brightness Any problems you encounter Recovering Your System Pc Card Insertion Additional to the touch ability the display is well illuminated and sufficiently bright.